Our programs are generously supported by The Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts, a joint effort of the PA Council on the Arts and the Scranton Area Foundation and by a Lackawanna County Arts and Cultural Grant, a program of the Lackawanna County Commissioners and the Lackawanna County Council on Art, Culture and Education.

Friends of The Lyric Consort
The IRS has recognized The Lyric Consort as a 501C(3) non-profit organization, and determined that all contributions are 100% tax-deductible.  To learn more about becoming a Lyric "Angel," please contact us. The following have given generously in support of The Lyric Consort's current season.

Seraphim ($200 and above)
 Dr. Bruce and Patty Sherbine
 Dr. Les Turoczi
 Lackawanna County Commissioners
 Lackawanna County Arts Council
 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
 Scranton Area Foundation

Cherubim ($150-$199)
 Jeff Curtis
 Gina and Earl Lehman
 Dr. Wendy Miller
 Margaret and Alex Urban

Thrones ($100-$149)
 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Baker
 Helena Casey & Family
 John and Agnes Cardoni
 Mr. Gregory Hinson & Rev. Peter D'Angio
 Michelle and Robert Yadouga

Virtues ($75-$99)
 David and Jean Adam
 Charles and Ruth Curtis
 Kathryn Rudis

Archangels ($50-$74)
 Philip Altavilla
 Jane and Herb Bonnice
 Richard and Marie Cochrane
 Richard and Linda Gilardi
 Fredericka Heinze
 Violet R. Kelly
 Suzann Kelly
 Christopher and Barbara Norton
 Sue and Manny Pons
 John and Connie Weiss

Angels ($25-$49)
 Paula Belair
 Erika Funke
 Marjorie Hoffman
 Warren Grill
 Andy and Donna Kepler
 Dr. Patricia McCormack
 Jane Refice
 Albert and Alan Sofranko
 Walter and Mildred Umla
 Lillian Young