Residencies & Educational Programs

As a small, self-started acappella ensemble, The Lyric Consort is particularly effective in working with similar student or community ensembles-offering musical demonstrations and sharing from our own performing experiences, rehearsal methods, and problem-solving techniques. 

Each of our eight members are experienced in both ensemble and solo coaching and are comfortable working individually or with other Consort members in small coaching teams.

The Lyric Consort has also prepared a 30' vocal presentation highlighting a variety of musical "details" which, though often overlooked, are vital to the creation of a polished and artistic ensemble.  Demonstrating such matters as balance, tuning, shaping of musical lines, listening, and vowel-work through comparative demonstration of "with the details" vs. "without the details", the ensemble can show groups of any size, age, and ability how to make the most of their rehearsal time and move their performance to new levels.

The Lyric Consort can also make a similar presentation to audience members on the topic of "what to listen for in acappella music."

The Consort has also created a full-length concert program specifically directed at children's audience, employing light and humorous repertoire, familiar children's melodies, and audience/ensemble interaction to both entertain and educate young listeners to the basics of choral music and singing.

Finally, The Lyric Consort's Artistic Director, Dr. Alan Baker, is also an experienced university lecturer, who often precedes Consort performances with explanatory remarks on the evening's program.  He also speaks regularly on-air with personalities from northeast Pennsylvania's public radio affiliate, WVIA.

The Lyric Consort prefers to render such services on either the day of a performance, or on the day immediately preceding or following such performances.  However, more extensive residencies may be possible based on calendar, the number of singers required, and distance to be traveled.  As in matters of programming and repertoire, The Lyric Consort encourages Presenters to share their own creative ideas, as experience has taught us that such cooperation is well worth the effort, and yields the best educational experiences for their constituents.